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Blog posts tagged with 'skincare'

Why We Choose Cruelty-Free!

Easter reminds me of chocolate eggs, cute fluffy bunnies and also on a more serious note - why we choose cruelty free at BellaNaturally. Many of us are surprised to find that some brand of cosmetics, personal-care products, and chemicals are still...

Caring for Baby's Skin Naturally

When I first started researching product ingredients, I was surprised to find that many popular commercial baby products available were marketed as ‘baby safe’, 'gentle' or ‘mild', when they are in fact not mild or suitable for baby at all! I discovered that these so called 'baby safe' products contained ingredients that could irritate baby's delicate skin; ingredients such as artificial fragrances, petrochemicals, along with other nasties like ....

Skin Care Tips and Product Reviews

Having a good skin care routine not only keeps our skin looking its best, it is also beneficial for the health of the largest organ of our bodies! Like me, most of us don't have time for an intensive skin care maintenance program! However, you can still pamper yourself by getting the basics right. Good skin care and healthy lifestyle choices can help delay the natural aging process and prevent various skin problems such as wrinkles and uneven skin tone. This Month's Product Reviews After numerous weeks of testing out some lovely products, I think it's time to share my findings in a blog post! In this month's blog, I review .....

Brand of the month - Skin Naturalé

The journey started with my personal experience trying to find suitable natural and organic products for sensitive skin that is safe for use on the whole family. I was looking for alternative to pure botanical extracts generally found ...