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My Magic Mud

My Magic Mud brand

My Magic Mud is a natural detoxifying and whitening tooth powder that you will just love! This 100% natural non- toxic tooth powder will whiten your teeth and improve oral hygiene. Although this unique product is black in colour, it is flavourless in taste. The  “mud” is safe for all ages to use and the ingredients are so natural you could swallow them!

This is a great alternative to conventional teeth whiteners, which are known to tarnish the enamel and cause harm to the gums. This blend has been lab tested to ensure that it is safe for your enamel and will not cause sensitivity. With only the best food grade and supplement grade ingredients, this completely flavourless blend will actually neutralize the taste that’s in your mouth. While some natural oral care products taste pretty awful, this is tasteless and the mint added offers a slight note of freshness. Who knew a tooth powder could whiten your teeth, remove plaque, and not contain any harmful chemicals or questionable additives!

My Magic Mud Activated Charcoal Toothpaste now available - in 3 yummy flavours!


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