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Why We Choose Cruelty-Free!

Why We Choose Cruelty-Free!

Why We Choose Cruelty-Free!

Easter reminds me of chocolate eggs, cute fluffy bunnies and also on a more serious note - why we choose cruelty free at BellaNaturally.  

Many of us are surprised to find that some brand of cosmetics, personal-care products, and chemicals are still tested on animals in laboratory environments. In my opinion, the practice of animal testing is not only brutal and heartless, it's also unnecessary!

Studies show that tests on animals to observe the possible effects of product toxicity in humans are not very accurate and often expensive.


Below are the top reasons why we think animal testing should be banned and why we choose cruelty free products:

  • The abuse of animals is ruthless and just horrible! Burning, shocking, and poisoning animals that don't have the same genetic makeup as humans just doesn't make sense! The Food and Drug Administration reports that 92 out of every 100 drugs that pass animal tests fail in humans. "One international study that examined the results of rat and mouse LD50 (Lethal Dose 50%) tests for 50 chemicals found that these tests were able to predict toxicity in humans with only 65% accuracy" 1.


  • There are alternatives that can be used, such as the use of soy protein or almond oil in replacement of animal derived collagen. Animal collagen can’t affect the skin’s own collagen and is a known potential allergen anyway.


  • There is no actual legal requirement for animal testing. Manufacturers are simply asked to conduct whatever tests are appropriate, in their opinion, to establish that their cosmetics or household products are safe. Often they are not!

Organisations such as Choose Cruelty Free CCF (AU) and Peta (People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals) are great resources for articles and news about going cruelty-free. The facts are backed up by research and evidence, as well as info about how to find accredited manufacturers or become one.

So if you're an avid animal lover like me, keep in mind the animals that may have suffered in the development and testing of your chosen beauty product! The best way to be sure that the product is free of animal testing is to look for accredited logos such as the CCF Rabbit logo!




Happy Easter green bunnies :)




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