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The Hype about Mineral Makeup!

The Hype about Mineral Makeup!



Over the past few years, shopping habits reveal that consumers are becoming more aware of what they are putting on to their skin. This has resulted in a demand for green eco-minded beauties, seeking a safer natural alternative to chemical based makeup to make the switch to natural cosmetics. Mineral makeup seems to be the answer!

What is 'mineral makeup'?

Mineral makeup is made from minerals, which are naturally occurring substances - generally derived from the earth's crust. Simply put, minerals are grinded into micro particles to create makeup products such as blushes and foundations. The main minerals used are titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, iron oxide, mica, gold and magnesium.

As a user of mineral makeup for over 10 years - I can truly say that I have seen the benefits of mineral makeup use on my own skin. Because the mineral formulas are comprised of inorganic minerals and are also oil-free, they do not support the growth of bacteria—making it particularly beneficial for people with blemish-prone skin. Typically, it doesn't contain perfumes and chemical dyes that may cause allergies so it is also suitable for sensitive skin types.

Below are some of the benefits I have found with mineral makeup:

  1. Lightweight - Mineral cosmetics are extremely lightweight! It weighs very little but provides great coverage without the caked on heavy feeling.
  2. Breathable - One of the best advantages I think! It is light, airy and gives you that natural 'no makeup' feeling.
  3. Reduces Skin Imperfections - Some mineral cosmetics contain added vitamins that can make your skin look healthier and younger, reducing the appearances of skin imperfections.
  4. Protects - Mineral powders containing titanium dioxide or zinc oxide offer some sun protection.
  5. Easy to Apply - You only need a few swipes of brush to have the required coverage and about five minutes to put on the mineral foundation with little fuss.
  6. Light Reflective - Mineral makeup can remove imperfections that can’t be avoided with other kinds of makeup and provides a shine-free finish.
  7. Completely Oil-Free - Especially suited to people with oily or blemish-prone skin!


Bare Blossom foundation

In this month's blog, I review 2 mineral makeup products in the Bare Blossom range :)


Bare Blossom |Mineral Foundation Powder (Medium Tan):

This mineral powder foundation provides excellent shine control, is suitable for oily skin and can be applied dry for a light, sheer cover or wet for a heavier, more complete look. The Medium Tan is best suited to medium, tanned and olive skin tones.

Overall verdict: Fantastic light powder foundation suitable for everyday use and is gentle on my sensitive skin! It blends well and doesn't clog my pores.

Pros: Light - with great coverage. Lasts all day and washes off easily. It contains SPF15 sun protection though I would recommend wearing sunscreen underneath on hot days for full sun protection.

Cons: To be honest, I can't fault the product. Highly recommend!

Rating: 5 stars!


Bare Blossom | Mineral Blush - Apricot Awe:

As with the mineral foundation, this mineral blush will brighten up your cheeks in a soft, natural way. The shine free, smooth formula has been designed to be long wearing, glide on and blend easily. The Apricot Awe shade is a subtle peach colour that is created to add a beautiful glow to your cheeks all year round.

Overall verdict: Gives cheeks a soft sun kissed glow without looking too orange. Great for an everyday natural look and works well with olive skin tone.

Pros: Light, long wearing formula- blends well.

Cons: As above ;)

Rating: 5 stars


                                         Bare Blossom long wearing formula            Bare Blossom long wearing formula blush apricot

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*Rating is out of 5 stars

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