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Self Love with Green Beauty

Self Love with Green Beauty

What is the meaning of self-love? For some, it may be pampering yourself at a luxurious day spa, splurging on an expensive designer label handbag or treating yourself to a fancy meal at that exotic restaurant you've been itching to try!

I've always been a firm believer that there is much more to self-love than just pampering ourselves. I think it's about choice and choosing 'ourselves' by making the decisions that are better for us, even if it means not following the crowd or perhaps upsetting others by saying "no". I think it's also about being present and living happily in the moment, but considering the future and potential impacts that poor decisions made now can result negatively later on.

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So you're probably wondering where green beauty fits into all this self-love talk? To me, green beauty is more that just natural or organic makeup. From the research that I have done, I found that choosing cleaner, green eco-friendly and sustainable makeup and skin care not only benefits your skin now, but in the years to come. Before I switched to green beauty, I was oblivious to the fact that many main stream brands were unnecessarily testing products on animals and using manufacturing practices that were outdated and harming the environment! Decisions I used to make on skin care and makeup were primarily driven by price and brand popularity, which is definitely not what I do now!

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Of course when choosing an organic moisturiser or natural lipstick, price is a factor that I still consider but I also weigh up the pros and cons of what I am paying that bit extra for. Extras like trusted industry body certifications, clean ingredients and product reviews showing real results are just an example of the things that are valuable to me when choosing a product. 

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To make things a bit easier, I've compiled a short list below to help your journey of self-love with green beauty a breeze!

  •         Ingredients list: Are there any toxic ingredients of concern or do you have any known allergies?
  •         Price: Are you getting value for money? Is it worth buying a larger size or in a gift pack? How does it compare to a similar organic brand?
  •         Product certification: Does the product have any industry body certification such as OFC (Organic Food Chain), Peta, Cruelty free?
  •         Planet friendly: What material is the product made of and is it biodegradable?
  •         Performance: How well does the product perform? Do the claims match product performance and are you seeing results?

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So there you have it. My short and sweet story of how self-love can be found with green beauty! I hope you were able to take something away from it and remember that the month of love should also be about 'you', your loved ones and the importance of having self-love, both mind and body! Invest in yourself with green beauty, your future self will thank you for it!




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