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Product Reviews - Natural Teeth Whitening

Product Reviews - Natural Teeth Whitening

Did you know that one of the first things people notice about you is your smile? Not only is good oral hygiene important for the health of your teeth and gums, studies show that oral hygiene is linked to cardiovascular health!

I've had my fair share of testing teeth whitening treatments in the past and have found that many teeth whitening products contain harsh chemicals that can damage teeth enamel, causing sensitive teeth!

Since my health and wellness journey began, I have been on the lookout for a less toxic and natural way to whiten my teeth and keep my oral health in top condition!

Below is my review of three outstanding natural oral care products which I am sure you will love once you try them! :) 

My Magic Mud:  This natural whitening tooth powder is made from activated Coconut Shell Charcoal, Calcium Bentonite Clay, Certified Organic Orange Peel Extract Powder, and Wildcrafted Mint Extract Powder.

Charcoal has been used for a long time before it became popular as a teeth whitening method. Medicinal uses such as for the treatment of bloating, digestive issues, skin infections and inflammation are just some of the benefits of charcoal. Charcoal is also great for general oral health including whitening teeth, reducing plaque, treating bad breath and detoxifying your mouth, without the use of harmful chemicals!

Although My Magic Mud is black in color, it is flavorless in taste and is safe for all ages to use.  My Magic Mud helps remove stains and reduce tooth sensitivity whilst neutralising bacteria in the mouth which cause bad breath.

My Magic Mud

This product can get a bit messy and may possibly stain, so be careful not to get it on your clothes or accidently inhale it! My Magic Mud can be used once a day preferably at night in replacement of your regular toothpaste. It is recommended to floss afterwards to remove the black powder from between the teeth. You can finish up by brushing your teeth with natural toothpaste such as Dr Bronner's All-One Toothpaste if you plan to go out soon after.  

To use, wet your toothbrush and use the scoop provided, place a small amount to cover the bristles of your toothbrush or dip your toothbrush into the black powder. Brush your teeth for two minutes, keeping your lips closed. Spit out and rinse your mouth as usual.

Overall verdict:  I noticed a difference in brightness of my teeth after just 3 applications, though keeping in mind that my teeth were not overly stained to begin with.  After 2 weeks use, teeth appeared brighter and whiter by about 1-2 shades!

Pros: I love that the jar is a generous size and contains a minimum of 150 applications which is about a 5 month supply! How good is that?! I also noticed that plaque which normally collects on the underside of my teeth is reduced :)

Cons: Using the Magic Mud for the first time requires a little adjustment but once you get used to it, it's like any daily routine. The powder can be messy, fiddly and stain your toothbrush (I use an electric toothbrush). I have now put aside a PearlBar Bamboo Charcoal toothbrush for brushing with My Magic Mud. If you're after a more pasty consistency, try mixing the powder with some Organic Coconut Oil for easier application.

 Rating: 4 and half stars


Dr Bronner's All-One Toothpaste - Peppermint: is a natural, fresh and minty toothpaste made with 70% organic ingredients! The low-foaming formula has no synthetic detergent foaming agents, is fluoride-free, vegan and cruelty-free, with no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, or sweeteners. This simple yet effective toothpaste stimulates mouth, teeth, gums and tongue, leaving them fresh and clean.

Overall verdict:  This toothpaste doesn't foam at all which is different to what I am used to in the past with conventional toothpaste. However it doesn't mean that it lacks in cleaning performance. I found the fresh, natural mint taste refreshing without that chemical minty burn you get with usual toothpaste.  It did a great job of cleaning my teeth especially after brushing with the Magic Mud! The slight taste of coconut oil was a bonus and I look forward to using it in the morning.


Dr Bronner's Toothpaste Peppermint


Pros: This tube of toothpaste comes in a very generous size - larger than most average sized tubes at 140grams. Only a small pea sized amount is required and cleans just as well as chemical based toothpaste. Both the box and tube are 100% recyclable. Worth switching to I think!

Cons: I can't think of anything except maybe the lid could be made as a flip top to open and close easily. I tend to drop lids often and waste time finding where the darn thing has dropped, but that is just me being clumsy and picky!

 Rating: 4 stars

PearlBar Floss Picks: When it comes to dental hygiene, you can’t forget to floss! These PearlBar Charcoal-Infused Planet-Loving Floss Picks are a great addition to your natural oral care routine. They help to deodorise the mouth and keep your teeth white. They’re the perfect size to keep in your handbag to freshen up throughout the day!

Overall verdict:  This pack of Charcoal-Infused floss picks come in a handy resealable zipped locked bag which is travel and eco-friendly. Great for getting that squeaky clean between teeth and removing bacteria!


PearlBar Floss Picks 30pack

Pros: Made from 100% biodegradable materials; the floss and the pick handle can be returned to the earth after use, without causing any harm to the environment. 

Cons: With each floss pick being single use, it would be great to see it available in a roll of floss which is what I am used to for better manoeuvrability in tight areas of the mouth.

 Rating: also 4 stars


Ok now, smile and show off those natural, healthy pearly whites!




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