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Passionate about #greenbeauty

Passionate about #greenbeauty





Passionate About Green Beauty - BellaNaturally


Welcome to BellaNaturally's inaugural blog. We are excited to finally launch our online store!


A bit about how we started....


My quest for natural, safe and organic makeup and skincare started when I fell pregnant with my first baby in 2010. Being pregnant was difficult for me as there is so much information out there, a lot of which can be conflicting as to what you should do, what products are safe, and what you're able to consume when you have a little being growing in your tummy! Wanting the best for me and my baby and after a nasty skin reaction to some supermarket bought makeup, I began to question the ingredients used in many of the skin products.

I've always been a very particular person, quite fussy with my purchases and someone who likes to do extensive research before parting my hard earned cash. This is especially true when it came to makeup and skincare products. Yes, I'm one of those anally retentive (extremely fastidious - as my husband likes to describe me) people who reads almost EVERYTHING and looks at things with a fine tooth comb!

I'm sure you can think of one person you know of who is like this! So, as you can imagine, a shopping trip down the skincare and makeup aisle took me a long time as I would scan and read through many product ingredients, compare them, and then when I got home I would look up and research these ingredients with the resources I had gathered.

The process was time consuming but well worth the effort. Let me say that through my research, I did not like what I found! So, began my journey of detoxing and cleansing whilst searching for safer alternate products. Fast forward a few years and with a second baby; this is how BellaNaturally began. I call this mission, my "passion for #green beauty"!

I realise the market is competitive with existing online stores selling organic and natural products, but we are not just another online store in it for the money. I am genuinely passionate about knowledge sharing and promoting makeup and skincare products that I believe are safe, and are a healthier alternative to what's commercially out there.

My aim is to provide you with as much information as possible about existing products we stock, any new products - such as reviews and updates and I will make every effort to write a blog that is fun to read and informative! Don't forget to sign up to our newsletter for exclusive offers and specials.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and that you join us here at BellaNaturally for a beautiful, healthier you!




P.S. I'm fairly new to blogging so I welcome any feedback :)


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