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Our Top Vegan Beauty Picks

Have you recently become vegan and are looking for your makeup bag to follow suit, but think it will be a daunting task for the 'too hard basket'? Well you can relax, because as with the natural beauty industry, I have noticed that veganism in beauty and skin care continues to grow and is now becoming quite widespread. So much so, that the industry is responding with it!  Whether you realise or not, your shopping habits highlight the type of consumer you are.  If you advocate for products of ethical, animal-free, with transparent ingredients in your purchasing choice, chances are the competitor brands will catch on quick and tag along, creating a market for vegan consumers.

Zuii Organic eye duo Starr

There are conscious brands that provide not only vegan options in their product lines, but ethically produced and eco- friendly choices as well. Some brands offer full vegan range while others only a select few. Some brands are cruelty free and others are certified vegan. So how do you know what to choose and what does it all mean?

Vegan vs. Cruelty Free products - What's the difference?

For a product to be 'Vegan', it does not contain any animal ingredients or animal derived ingredients, think lanolin, beeswax, honey, carmine and collagen etc. It can also mean that no animals were harmed in the making of the product, i.e. cruelty free.

Cruelty Free products should have no involvement with animal testing or animals being harmed throughout the stages of production. Through research, I have found that some companies animal test products in final stages of product creation or if a product has been tested by a third party at some point. This is sometimes the case for products made in countries where required laws contribute to the testing of animals.

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The best way to know whether a product is cruelty free is to look out for the authentic logos such as Peta, Leaping Bunny and Choose Cruelty Free. For Vegan products, look for logos from Vegan Society and Certified Vegan. Checking the ingredients label also helps, as well as familarising yourself with animal-ingredient terms! You can most certainly contact the company itself, however in the past I have found that they don't often respond!

Vegan logo                 Certified vegan logo


It's important to consider the options when looking for brands you feel good about supporting, as well as making the best choice of products for your skin and your values. Researching ingredients and brands is what we do here at Bella Naturally to make it easier for you to shop with confidence, whatever your choice. Choosing healthy, ethical and conscious makeup can make a significant difference for your skin and the planet!

Zuii Organic ultra powder foundation 

Plant-based and mineral-based ingredients are great alternatives to those made with animal derivatives, as they contain beneficial properties that can heal, soothe and be gentle on sensitive skin. Plants such as chamomile, tea tree, olive and coconut oil have been used for centuries to heal ailments and treat skin conditions. Minerals have been used to treat skin conditions, for example zinc oxide, is used as an effective natural sun block. Natural materials such as bamboo, recycled aluminium and synthetic fibres help create beautiful, sustainable makeup accessories such as brushes and tools, without the use of animal ingredients. The options are growing beyond makeup and skin care as we speak. There are so many reasons to go vegan if you haven't already! We hope you love our Top Vegan Beauty Picks as much as we do!


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