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Our Guide to Nourished Youthful Skin!

Our Guide to Nourished Youthful Skin!

It's only the beginning of autumn here in Australia, but certainly not too early to prepare your autumn/winter skin routine as the weather starts to cool down. Our skin is the body’s largest organ and a lack of good healthy skin care (as well as proper nutrient intake), often reflects our internal health. Our skin also works as part of an important toxin removal system, eliminating harmful free radicals, environmental build-ups, and chemicals that we consume daily through air, food, water and topical skin application.

Studies show that ageing skin has very little to do with time but more so the manner in which we nourish and care for our bodies. The term 'beauty sleep' stems from the fact that our skin does most of the repairing and restoration work while we rest (particularly between the hours of 11pm and 4am), so it's only fitting that we make use of the night serums and moisturisers like La Mav Antioxidant Rich Nightly Repair NectarThis age-fighting serum formulated with CoEnzyme Q10 and Vitamin E helps protects skin from free radicals and daily skin stress and is a favourite of mine due to its rich moistening texture and the added benefits of Omega 3 and antioxidants!

La Mav Omega 3 serum

For a super boost of healthy skin omega fatty acids, try La Mav Omega-3 Advanced Night Repair Crème.  This advanced night repair crème was developed to prevent the visible signs of ageing and to repair, hydrate and recharge the skin all night. Carefully formulated with Chia and Raspberry Seed Oil to support the skin’s barrier function, Chlorella Vulgaris and Cotton Thistle Extract assist in enhancing skin restoration.

The skin around our eyes is most sensitive and will show the first skins of ageing by fine lines and wrinkles. Award winning zk'in Line Smoothing Serum with Clinically Tested Wrinkle Minimising Actives will help combat those lines and is easily absorbed into the delicate eye area.

According to the European Journal of Aesthetic Medicine and Dermatology, an effective non-invasive way to manage skin conditions such as photo damage, fine wrinkles, hyper pigmentation, and skin roughness is by using a topical retinol product. Of course we prefer the natural, chemical free version of retinol (vitamin A) such as ECO. Vitamin A Powerhouse Night Serum.


Eco A serum

Retinol* helps to increase collagen production, energise cell turnover, improve skin elasticity and regulate oil production to control breakouts. However it is best used only at night, because it increases the skin’s sensitivity to the sun. I believe sunscreen should be worn anyway throughout the day (all year round) but most definitely if you have been using retinol. Pair it with ECO Vitamin C serum during the day under sunscreen for best results.

If you prefer a cream based product over an oil serum, Vanessa Megan Marine Collagen Anti-Ageing Night Cream is worth sinking your skin into! This intensive night cream has been specially formulated with the potent certified organic, scientifically proven anti-ageing ingredient IBR-Dormin®, known to slow down cell proliferation.

The benefits of Chamomile and Rose are known for treatment of skin conditions such as Rosacea and extremely dry skin. For a great day time moisturiser, Vanessa Megan Rose & Chamomile Hydrating Face Cream is a good choice for the cooler season or for very dry skin. A rich velvety texture helps it absorb easily into the skin and is packed with active certified organic ingredients: oils and extracts, which are known to soothe dehydrated, tired and sensitive skin types.


Vanessa Megan Rose face cream

Let's not forget a good nourishing moisturiser for our bodies! The skin on my elbows, hands and ankles seem to resemble that of a reptile in colder weather! We love Dr Bronner's Organic Lotion - Peppermint made with pure organic oils free of synthetic ingredients and preservatives. Organic jojoba oil moisturizes dry skin exceptionally well due to its unique similarity to the skin's natural oils and is great for problem dry areas as mentioned. Organic coconut oil assists with absorption, while organic hemp and avocado oils help keep skin smooth, supple and nourished. Also available in Organic Patchouli Lime, Organic Lavender Coconut, and Organic Orange Lavender.


Dr Bronners Lotion Lavender

My long time fave product, Eco By Sonya Coconut Body Milk is a soothing long lasting moisturiser, made from certified organic and natural ingredients, Coconut, Aloe Vera, Jojoba and Macadamia. This certified organic moisturiser will keep your skin soft and hydrated through the cool season and into summer!

Let us know in the comments below if you think there is a green beauty product that deserves to be in this list, for beautiful nourished skin! 




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*Retinol is not recommended for use while pregnant.






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