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Our Guide to Natural Deodorants

Our Guide to Natural Deodorants

Are you thinking of switching to natural deodorant but don't know where to start? Heard the false rumour that 'natural and organic' deodorants just don't work? Fear no more! This quick guide will see you going green with your deodorant choice whilst learning that swapping to organic doesn't mean giving up on product performance!

When it comes to natural deodorant (or any new green products for that matter), I get excited and am thrilled to be able to share my thoughts about the healthier options available because green washing is rife and product labels get confusing, right?! And because there are so many mainstream products that claim to keep you dry and sweat free but do you know what's in them?

So why go natural?


"The purpose of sweating is to help flush substances from our bodies, like alcohol, cholesterol and salt. The body releases toxins by using sweat as the channel to remove unwanted substances. Sweat cleanses the body of toxins that can clog pores and plague the skin with blemishes and pimples!"


Using deodorants with chemicals such as aluminium and parabens (have been linked to certain cancers) which actually halt the detoxification process and clogs the skin, is indeed interfering with the body's natural system of toxin removal. Over time, a build up of such toxins can put extra strain on organs like the kidneys and show through unhealthy skin!

Deodorants with alternative and effective natural ingredients like baking soda and coconut oil, instead assist the body's detoxing system while allowing skin to breathe, help reduce odours and keep the skin dry without clogging it.

Read further below to our 'natural deodorant' guide and pick the best natural deodorant for you!

Schmidt's Natural Deodorants

Schmidts Geranium Deodorant

These generous sized stick deodorants have an award-winning natural formula that not only match the effectiveness of the chemical alternatives, but actually outperform them altogether! Only natural, vegan, gluten and cruelty-free ingredients are used without harmful chemicals like aluminium and parabens. We stock 5 lovely fragrances to choose from (standard version) and 2 of which are unisex Cedarwood + Juniper and Bergamot +Lime can be used by anyone who prefers a less toxic deodorant. These are great because they keep you dry and odour free all day without the nasties! For those with sensitive skin, I suggest try the new sensitive formula, made without baking soda and available in Geranium and Tea Tree fragrances.

Schmidts LavenderSage Deodorant

LAVANILA Healthy Deodorants

We love the range of LAVANILA Stick deodorants for their healthy, modern and luxurious formula. Made from the purest, natural and organic ingredients and completely free of harsh chemicals, these deodorants deliver beautiful, long-lasting results. I especially love the mini version; Vanilla Summer because, like the Schmidt's range, the full size is quite generous and are big in size which is excellent value for money but the mini version is perfect on the go! They also last a very long time (I apply twice a day morning and night) and I carry the Vanilla mini with me travelling as it's so compact and fits easily into small luggage.

Lavanila Grapefruit Deodorant

For seriously active people, I recommend the Lavanila Sports Luxe deodorant! The crisp vanilla breeze scent blends perfectly with white jasmine, watery honeydew, green apple and a pinch of powdery vanilla!  This one is a top performer for gym junkies!

Of course all the LAVANILA deodorants we stock are equally as good but it's a matter of finding the perfect scent for you!

Vanessa Megan Roll on Organic Deodorant Vanilla Pod  

This award winning roll on is infused with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, certified organic extracts of green tea, rosemary leaf and horsetail, plus a blend of vanilla and grapefruit make this a reliable, all day deodorant. The clever use of Witch hazel, works as an astringent as it shrinks the pores in the armpit. Stay dry and odour free all day!


For an uplifting, unisex scent, the Vanessa Megan Roll on Citrus Grove is perfect! Containing Rosemary and tea tree essential oil, it is an effective remedy for body odour. This deodorant applies easily and has no sticky after feel. Say goodbye to smelly pits, toxic ingredients and hello to a healthy you!


Comment below and tell us which is your fave natural deodorant and why. Happy deodorant shopping!




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