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Green Beauty Budget Buys!

Green Beauty Budget Buys!

Money is a touchy subject! People think twice when deciding what to spend their well earned cash on, especially when it comes to beauty as there is a vast array of products on the market. But, with a continually growing trend of consumer lead, eco and green products available, you don't have to break the bank just to get your hands on some quality green beauty. Below we have listed a few reasons why going green is better and you can do it without having to spend big!

  • Support the industry: Each time you shop, you are casting a vote on the type of products you are willing to support and want to consume more of! When you purchase a green beauty product, you are likely helping out small businesses that support, ethical, fair trade production over a brand that is driven primarily by profits and puts the needs of investors before the health of its customers.

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  • You get what you pay for: Mainstream beauty products tend to be laced with cheap fillers and chemicals, so are you really saving money by opting for that cheap pharmacy brand talc filled eye shadow discounted at $4.99? Why fork out $100 on a concealer stick just because of its fancy celebrity endorsed marketing, when it contains skin suffocating ingredients like petroleum and mineral oils? Think about whose pocket you're actually filling!


  • Invest in your health: like any investment, your health should be top priority and requires some planning. It's best to start small when switching to green beauty. If you can't afford a full size product, try samples first. Change your beauty items one at a time. It's wasteful to just throw out your whole makeup bag only to realise you haven't found an alternative product that you'll want to stick with. Starting out small will give you a better chance of switching for the long term and ensures you keep to a healthy beauty routine.

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  • Green beauty is planet friendly: Going green is not just a trend; it also helps keep our planet clean! Green beauty typically supports planet friendly product manufacturing. Products are made using sustainable materials, are eco-friendly and are less likely to impact the environment. Think bamboo brushes, recycled materials and natural scrubs made from botanicals instead of plastic non-biodegradable rubbish that pollute our oceans.

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  • Reduce the toxins:  Studies indicate that there are more than 1,300 ingredients banned in Europe from being manufactured in makeup and skin care products. That figure in itself is a worry considering in the US and Australia the banned list is significantly less! Nasties like parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde and triclosan are known to interfere with our body’s natural toxin removal system whilst affecting our endocrine structure. These chemicals have also been linked to certain cancers of the breast and brain. A HERMOSA Intervention Study show that the accumulation of even small traces of chemicals has an adverse affect on our health; however the impact can be reversed with smarter choices by choosing healthier and low chemical products.

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We could go on about how green beauty is better and the many benefits it offers. The best way for you to see for yourself is to try! Using green and organic beauty products not only takes care of your skin, we have found that it is financially better in the long run as you are investing in your health. 

It takes time to transition and manage any lifestyle change, but it is definitely worth achieving when the price of beauty comprises your health!



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