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Get that Winter Skin Glow!

Get that Winter Skin Glow!

Just because it is winter, doesn't mean that you should settle for pasty pale skin! Those that have tried self tanners before know all too well the failures that can result; streaks, uneven application, orange hands, fabric stains, you name it! It can happen to anyone, but fear no more - below are the essential tips we have come up with for Eco Tan's range of self tanners so you'll never experience self tanning failure again. You're welcome :)

We love the Eco Tan range for so many reasons but mainly because they have been developed with skin loving ingredients, are non-toxic, certified organic and cruelty free. The first step to getting started with your tan is the preparation stage.

Tan Prep: Preparation is the key for an even, natural looking tan. Wax or shave (and this includes facial waxing) at least 24 hours before tan application. It is best to skip using deodorant (after shower) on the day of applying tan so that there is better contact to all areas of the skin. Wait 24-48 hours before applying tan.


Salt Scrub

Exfoliate: It's important to exfoliate your skin prior to tanning for a smooth application. Before your shower, use Eco Tan's Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub on dry skin with the Extreme Exfoliant Glove to remove dead skin cells and to detoxify the skin!


Tan Application: Although the Invisible Tan can be used on the face, it is best recommended to use Face Tan Water which is specifically designed for the face. This gradual facial tanner will help tone and moisturise your skin while giving you that sun kissed glow! Like the Invisible Tan, it builds over a few applications into a beautiful subtle glow depending on the shade desired. Apply evenly to clean dry skin, after cleansing with fingers or cotton pad. Allow tanner to dry and leave it to develop for at least 8 hours. It is best applied before bed and then washed off in the morning.

Face Tan Water

For the body tan application, have your evening shower and apply Eco Tan Invisible Tan to the body starting from the ankles and work your way up. Rub it into the skin like a moisturiser and allow it to dry before going to bed. The tan will develop while you sleep and you will wake up with a golden brown glow! The non-staining formula will also ensure that your sheets don't stain in the process. Is there anything this brand has not thought of!


Winter Skin


Moisturise: In the morning, you should wake to gorgeous glowing skin! The colour will continue to develop throughout the next 24 hours. Use Coconut Body Milk to keep skin hydrated and to help extend the life of your tan. Eco Tan Winter Skin will help keep your tan looking fresh and with each application you will extend the length of your golden glow.

There you have it - an easy to follow, low fuss tanning guide. Don't forget to apply Eco Tan Natural Coconut Sunscreen if you'll be out in the sun all day (yes even in winter)!

Be sun safe and enjoy your winter skin glow!




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